Smarter Working

The Metropolitan police are Adopting new ways of working through modernised workspaces, processes and technologies. I helped them with their Smarter Working communications programme, designed to ease the transition for the Met’s 40,000+ personnel.

A set of consistently applied brand bars alongside a bright and bold colour pallet were used to help the Smarter Working communications stand out alongside regular Met materials in a positive and energetic way.




Brand Bars

I adopted a colourful, clean and familiar style to help the icons standout and quickly add context to content. A grid was used to size and align elements to ensure they all felt part of a set.

I used bright and friendly Illustrations to make the communications feel more appealing and relatable. All characters are coloured in Met blue to emphasise they are part of the Met organisation.

I used clean and specious layouts to help the communications feel easy to digest and understand. Consistent layout and navigation was used across all digital materials to give a predictable and intuitive user experience.

A number of guides were produced to help with specific aspects of new ways of working. A clean and consistent style was used across all.